The AW blog is dedicated to promoting the works of its members. We’re looking for articles that inspire, educate, and challenge the community to become better writers.


  • We only publish content created by our members. If you’re interested in writing for
    • Become a member of the Atlanta Writes Meetup group. It’s free, and you don’t need to live in Atlanta to be a part of our literary community.
    • Send us your article or pitch, along with a link to your member profile.
    • Being a member of Atlanta Writes does not guarantee publication.


  • We’re looking for pieces that range from 600 to 1,500 words, depending on the complexity of the subject. The ideal word count is 1,100 words.
  • We welcome any article that covers the craft of writing, publishing, or insightful aspects of the writing journey. 
  • Specific, well-researched* topics of interest include but are not limited to:
    • interviews with subject-matter experts
    • how-to articles (find a unique angle to common topics)
    • marketing advice
    • writing/storytelling techniques
    • genre-specific articles
    • software reviews (if the software benefits writers)
    • reviews of books on the craft of writing
    • funny listicles about the writer’s life
    •  success stories of self-publishing
    •  success stories of traditional publishing
    • proven or tested book marketing strategies
    • reviews of local businesses that provide writer-friendly experiences
  • Please ensure you have the rights or permission to use any art, photography, or any other visual aids used in your article.
  • We give special consideration to content that falls into the realm of transmedia storytelling**. This means that content can be adapted or extended into other forms of media. For instance, a blog post can also serve as the basis for a YouTube video that expands the original content, or instead it could lead to a bigger picture to be discussed on a podcast, etc. If your content can be extended through other digital mediums, feel free to mention concrete examples in your pitch.

*You don’t have to be a subject-matter expert on the topic you choose to write about, but your article must be well-researched. Remember to credit your sources and include a bibliography to support any claim that is not expressed as an opinion.

**Learn more about transmedia storytelling through this free Coursera course:

We only accept unpublished works.

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We do not offer payments of any kind, but we hope to at some point.


We do not accept self-promotional material. Articles of this nature, disguised as advice for authors, or profiles of individuals, companies, etc., will be immediately rejected. 

The 50-word byline is your opportunity to talk yourself up, let people know who you are and where they can go to learn more about you.